Tribest Raw Tea Kettle

Product Description

Tribest Raw Tea KettleWhat is the Tribest Raw Tea Kettle, you might be wondering?

You will be so glad you are curious to know about the Tribest Raw Tea Kettle, because trust me on this one… This is a fabulous, must-have electric brewing system.

Shout out to all you raw food, enzyme conscious peeps out there. You are going to love this.

Do you enjoy having warm lemon water in the morning and want the exact right temperature to make sure the enzymes in the lemon stay intact?

Guess what, this is brilliant…

There is a raw preset button just for.

Or, imagine doing intermittent fasting and drinking a home brew of your favorite fresh detox herbs. Just throw them right into the kettle, touch the button labeled “raw” and in seconds the water heats up to 115°F (45°C) and shuts off automatically, allowing the water to be warm enough to steep the tea while preserving the precious herbal enzymes. There is even a built-in screen at the pouring lip to strain out any solids to ensure a smooth tea.

This Tribest Raw Tea Kettle is a no brainer. They have thought of everything. It is the only tea kettle currently out on the market with the unique raw preset. But that’s not all. It also includes presets for making coffee at 195°F (90°C), black tea at 175°F (80°C), and green tea at 160°F (70°C). This advanced feature lets you dial in your favorite temperature so within a few short minutes you are brewing up your favorite hot drink.

This makes the perfect wedding, birthday or holiday gift. It’s super fast, super sleek, brilliant technology and there is nothing else like it out there.

Check out these other great features of the Tribest Glass Raw Tea Kettle :

  • Double-Walled Container made up of a glass pitcher and a BPA-free plastic outer wall to protect you from burns while the kettle is hot. The BPA-free outer wall also adds another layer of protection to prevent any damage to the glass pitcher.
  • Cordless 360-Degree Swivel Design makes it a breeze to remove and place the kettle back into place
  • Auto Shut-Off Safety Feature ensures safe use of the kettle by automatically shutting the kettle off when the water reaches boiling point
  • Blue LED Indicator Light that illuminates the kettle when heating up
  • Large 1.7-liter Container for multiple servings
  • Warm Function maintains the selected temperature for 6 hours

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