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imacrt_1143x1086Are you disgusted with your out of control eating and ready to do something about it?

You are invited to attend our FREE Webinar where we will educate and teach you how to implement PURE food and easy intermittent fasting to begin the process of DE-taching from TOX-ic eating.

We are passionate to get this information out to anyone and everyone who is truly ready to transform. 

 images-1Let 2016 Be The Year You Are Set Free From Sugar and Food Addiction

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images-9REGISTER NOW to Take The 3 Day Challenge:  Intermittent Fasting + PURE Food = DE-TOX  (DEtach from TOXic eating)

What Is Toxic Eating?  

Eating any substance that creates an unwanted, unhealthy or even potentially life threatening result. Toxic can be the act of overeating foods that are not nutritious, harmful to your health and metabolic balance, full of poisons, toxins, irritants, chemicals, preservatives and additives that break down your immune system or well-being.  For example if you have blood sugar issues yet continue to overeat sweets, this is a form of toxic eating.

Toxic eating can have immediate/acute reactions like being allergic to peanuts or long term adverse effects like unwanted weight gain, diabetes or cancer. Additionally toxic eating can have short and long term emotional/psychological implications like letting yourself down and the ripple effects of low self-esteem and body image.

We use the word “Detox” to bring attention to the opportunity and challenge to DE-tach  from TOXic and unconscious/mindless eating.

Easy 3 Day Sugar Detox coverThe Truth Of The Matter

When you eat PURE foods, the body does not need to do a detox because the body is divinely designed to detox itself. Clearly there is nothing magical about any substance, concoction or juicing to have the ability to “detox” your body.

However eating PURE food and especially live and raw foods where the enzymes are intact will provide the right nutritional vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, & antioxidants to fuel your body so it can preform proper digestion, metabolic processing and elimination.

If you load and clog your body up with toxic man made food your body simply can not carry out it’s natural functioning properly.  If you do this over prolonged periods of time you are bound to feel bloated, imbalanced in energy and mood, overweight, tired and or sick.

If you fuel a car on the wrong type of cheap gas, over time it will break down.  When you fuel your body and run it by burning processed carbs for fuel you will wear yourself down.  However when you learn to fuel your body with the right fats and learn to do metabolic cycling properly you will be amazed at how vibrant and fantastic you will feel.

Intermittent fasting along with PURE nutrient dense food has been scientifically proven to yield amazing results not only for weight loss but for a wide range of other benefits as well, including: balancing blood sugar, reversing diabetes, cancer prevention & slowing down the aging process.


The PURE Fast De-Tox Mindset 

Doing a 7 day “detox cleanse” is not a magic bullet and in and of itself is not sustainable.

Taking the 7 day challenge helps you to get immediate feedback about your relationship with food. If the thought of eating PURE food for 7 days and cutting out sugar, caffeine, wheat, dairy and all processed foods, makes you nervous then we encourage you to consider taking the challenge.

De-Toxing The PURE Healthy Way means DE- taching from TOXIC, over-eating & processed foods filled with additives and preservatives that are addictively consumed for taste pleasure and or to mask uncomfortable feelings rather than for nourishment.

smoothie-detoxDetaching from eating poorly is the first step towards restoration. It is a process that needs to begin with a choice to want to fuel your body in a way that leads to health and vitality and away from destruction and tearing down your immune system.

If you find it difficult to make it through the 7 days and you come face to face with your addiction to sugar and or the side effects of withdrawing from using caffeine, sugar and processed foods and are determined to kick toxic eating… we have great news and options for you.

Untitled6-2 What it is :

  • a prelude to deeper health and weight loss transformation
  • a jumpstart to weight loss
  • a reset after travel or periods of toxic eating
  • a time out from food and sugar addiction, making a break from habitual eating
  • an opportunity to give your body a rest and experience the benefits of metabolic cycling
  • an introduction to healthy intermittent fasting
  • a simple way to get started eating PURE, nutrient dense foods combined with easing into intermittent fasting
  • an easy to implement program for those who don’t have much time or kitchen skills
  • a FAST starting point – A great introduction to how, when and why to incorporate intermittent fasting
  • doable for those who don’t have blenders, juicers, or processors.  If you don’t have any equipment all you need is a big soup pot to make broth and a jar to shake up your drinks


Easy 3 Day Sugar Detox cover

Instant Downloads You Will Receive For FREE When You Take The Webinar:

1. The Easy 3 Day No Sugar & Jumpstart Weight Loss PURE FAST DETOX Guide

Cover Top 10 IF Recipes2. The Top 10 Pure Nourishing Recipes For Easy Intermittent Fasting

PURE FAST & DETOX Shopping List

3. The PURE FAST DETOX Approved Shopping List

The PURE FAST DETOX is a great way to begin the process of transforming your relationship and results with food.

The PURE FAST DETOX can be exactly what you need to get back on a PURE healthy track.  It is just the right amount of time and effort required to yield great jumpstart results and rekindle your natural desire to stay committed to nourishing yourself well.


Learn everything you need to know to get started right away on the Easy 3 Day PURE FAST DETOX Challenge.

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About Us:


Life changing transformation can be yours too!  Are you ready to take the 3 Day PURE FAST DETOX challenge?

Don’t let any excuse or obstacle stand in your way. You can achieve your goal if you really want it.


Robyn Randolph “I once suffered from these things:”

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Extreme Hypoglycemia/blood sugar issues leading to diabetes
  • Extreme migraines
  • Candida
  • Anxiety Attacks
  • Obsessive/compulsive eating
  • Diet Abuse/cyclical binge eating

‪If you can relate to any of these things I have healed from …there is hope for you too. The reason I do what I do, write, speak, teach, coach others… is because I am passionate to share what I have received, learned and taught thousands of others for the past 20 years. If I could heal from these things, then so can YOU.

12341633_10206827427857454_4195546344709973827_nSusan Guthrie Shorba RN My biggest aha was accepting that I am a sugar/carb addict. Being off of them allowed my taste buds to change and for me to appreciate new flavors. More, being present with the flavors and savoring them. I tied a friend’s fudge and it was too much. Kind-of a freeing experience. Anyway, I look forward to continuing on this journey and learning more about myself as I go. It has been great to take a look at myself. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to detach from toxic eating, learn and grow!

Dan Hobbs PT
 ‪I’ve learned that my body cycle is so in-tune with a clock ie: needing or desiring that coffee at 11am or if I have not eaten for a few hours thinking I need to eat something when, really, after some liquids I was fine.  So realizing my body is almost fuelled by time of day/habit than actually being hungry!


Julie Howes  The temptation to eat rubbish does not outweight how great I feel by eating delicious real food.