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pure-fast-listen-logoCan you imagine this possibility?

Are you ready to create a lifestyle where there is no “falling off track” or “starting my diet on Monday” or “failing another diet again”… Just conscious choices, nourishing your body well with no guilt or deprivation?

Are you fed up with your roller coaster relationship with food and poor eating habits and truly ready to kick your sugar and food addiction to the curb?  Are you ready to  welcome PURE food eating into your daily life and need help learning how and what to do and how to stay focused and on track?  Do you like having accountablity yet you don’t want to have to go anywhere to be part of a class or group? Are you disgusted with your out of control choices and hate the way you feel in your body. Do you long to find food freedom and shed unhealthy weight? Do you love to learn about healthy nutrition and enjoy making new easy PURE recipes? If you can relate to any of this then this course is especially beneficial for you.

Our passion is to coach and empower you to LOVE the body you have, transforming your relationship with food forever, so you can have the body you LOVE!

The PURE FAST & LISTEN Self-Paced Independent Study Course is perfect if you are motivated, self-directed and want to work in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace. Includes private online FB forum for support, Q & A, inspiration and joining the PURE Healthy Way larger network and community.

11704863_10205280538705372_1851346096629453980_n“I am so grateful and thankful for Robyn and Geoff for the beautiful creation they have created with their book and online course. It truly is a labor of love and many hours of divine concentration and sacrifice to compile, probably in my opinion, one of the most concise books on health with recipes. I would recommend this book and online course to anyone looking to clear some addictive food beliefs and behavior. Robyn is a great coach and is there for you. The food is wonderful. The recipes outstanding and free from hidden toxins, chemicals and false foods. The pictures in the book are full of energy and life, capturing the essence of a pure lifestyle.”

Carlene Roberts, CEO of Lighten Up Wellness, Rigby Idaho

5148_1195459526443_7410640_n “We took this course together as a couple and it completely revolutionized how we eat on a daily basis. It was a really fun thing to do together and now we have life long kitchen and health management skills that we can share and encourage one another to continue onward with. Great thing to do as a couple and the course is like going back to school and getting professionally educated on how to put into practice a healthy lifestyle. My husband gained vitality and lost those hard to get off 10 pounds and I miraculously stopped wearing hearing aids as a result of cleaning up my diet. We learned invaluable information from this course. A very smart investment for aging well. Highly recommend this course and doing it with your loved ones. We have shared what we learned with our grown kids so they can teach our grandkids as well.”

Kath and Andrew Dodd, Cumbria, UK


Product Description

 Self-Paced Independent Study Course  




The PURE FAST & LISTEN Course is for those who are truly ready to transform their health, weight, vitality and relationship with food forever.

Perfect if you are motivated, self-directed and enjoy working in the privacy of your own home.  The Self-Paced Independent Study Course lets you pick up the lessons whenever you want day or night (24/7) so you can attend when it is convenient for you (without having to get out of your jammies).  Taking the self-paced course means you can go at your own pace with no deadlines for completing the assignments. Each video is no longer than 15 minutes so you can easily slip in the lessons throughout your day at your convenience. 

The course is set up in 6 modules:

Each module has multiple lessons containing three types of learing videos:

1. Nutrion Science And Education Presentations

2. Coaching And Inspiration Talks

3. Recipe Prep and Demonstrations

Most people need at least 7 days to get through a module and typically take 6 weeks to complete the course.

The self-paced independent study course also includes a private FB online PURE FAST & LISTEN forum for support, Q & A, inspiration and joining the PURE Healthy Way larger network and community.  (Must have internet access as this is an online home study course).


Comprehensive Online Study Course And Membership Includes:





  •  6 modules – with over 45 lessons & videos including nutrition education, step-by-step, how to, coaching and inspiration plus PURE, raw and nutrient dense (all gluten and dairy free) recipe demonstration videos
  • TM14 day RISK FREE, money back guarantee – Guarantee-300x212-300x212

If you are not completely satisfied within 14 days of purchase we will return your money, no questions asked.  NOTE: We do not refund the cost of the PURE 5:2 book plus shipping.  


  • Repeat the course as many times as you like forever for FREE
  • PURE FAST & LISTEN Shopping Guide
  • Daily Logs templates
  • Private Facebook Forum for Q & A, support and inspiration
  • Special course aritcles, resources and links
  • Exclusive recipes and demonstration videos
  • All three ebooks and study guides:



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