Beauty Counter Skin Care & Make-Up

Product Description



As someone who has been poisoned by the chemicals found in oil based paint, you bet it is extremely important to me what products I put on my skin.

I am delighted to find (both personally and professionally) Beauty Counter, a company founded and dedicated to put safer beauty products into the hands of everybody.

Now that I have reached sixty…

Focusing on nourishing my skin has become an essential part of my daily health and well-being regime. I have never found a skin care system that uses such pure ingredients that is also able to get such exceptional results. Usually it is one or the other. Beauty Counter gives off-the-charts results using top quality, pure ingredients.

I am delighted to be a Beauty Counter Consultant…

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Trust me on this one… You are going to love it. If you would be interested in trying some free samples to see if you like how this cleansing, nourishing and balancing skin care system works and feels, then email me and just ask for some samples.

I know you are going to LOVE it!

If you are interested in becoming a consultant email me for details.