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Are you ready to transform your health, weight, vitality and relationship with food forever?

DSC01684 1. Do you truly want to be set free from food and sugar addiction, lose unwanted weight, reduce cravings, feel lighter, have great energy, learn to eat properly for your metabolic needs and keep blood sugar levels stable, prevent diabetes and feel FANTASTIC?

2. Has it been a long time since you felt hopeful and yet you know you can’t keep doing what you have always done?

3. Do you feel overwhelmed about how to move forward?

If you answered YES to any of the above, we are excited to share with you a solution that has worked for thousands of people.

When people go through our  PURE FAST & LISTEN personal coaching and online home study course programs they don’t just lose weight, they transform their lives.  There are three key synergistic components that yield life changing results…

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PURE stands for Phytonutrients, Unprocessed, Raw and Enzyme-rich foods. Phytochemicals found in our foods can vary and produce a range of beneficial actions and effects.


Fast stands for the principle of intermittent fasting and metabolic cycling.  This was naturally part of life for most of human history, and promotes amazing health benefits


Listen stands for mindfulness and being present, aware and conscious.  It’s listening to your awareness and knowing why you are eating.  Unfortunately, modern ultra-processed foods are designed to override this and create food addiction.

About Us

Your success is our success… We delight and thrive when you transform.

There is nothing more rewarding than coaching someone who is ready and sincerely wanting to get set free from food related addiction and/or poor nutrition habits that result in low self esteem, poor health, low energy, scary blood sugar crashes, foggy thinking and excess weight.

About Robyn

I’m a Nutritional Therapy Educator and Coach for the past 19 years, author, nutrition journalist, intuitive PURE and raw chef and co-founder of The PURE Healthy Way and The PUREFast & Listen online home study course.

When doctors had no solutions for my chronic health issues, including recovering from being poisoned, autoimmune issues, extreme hypoglycemia, severe migraine headaches, anxiety, candida and chronic fatigue, I had to learn to eat pure, organic nutrient dense and raw foods in order to heal.

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The Program

All Pure Fast & Listen Online Home Study Courses – Include:

  • 30 Day Money Back GuaranteeUnknown
  • Lifetime Membership, Free Access To All Videos Anytime
  • Full 6 Module / 6 Week Course
  • Over 40 coaching, nutrition education presentations, food preparation and recipe demonstration videos that teach you every step along the way
  • Daily Log Templates
  • Shopping List and Pantry Guide
  • PURE 5:2 Transformation In 21 Days… The Complete Guide To Healthy Intermittent Fasting

PURE Fast & Listen Online  Home-Study Courses To Choose From:

rawsomerobynrevised-5Self Paced Home-Study Course – £199.00/£149

Take the course in the privacy of your own home. Go at your own pace and repeat the course as many times as you like. 

Self paced home study course – £199.00 (special launch price) £149 Lifetime membership.

Websit don't enlarge30 day money back guarantee from date of purchaseUnknown

Great for the person who is motivated and self directed and wants to work in the privacy of their own home, at their own pace. Includes private online PURE Fast & Listen forums for support, Q & A, inspiration and joining the PURE Healthy Way network and community.

Click here for more details about PURE Fast & Listen Self Paced Home Study Course

Online, real time group, rawsomerobynrevised-5Set Free Course – £499

Online, real time group Set Free Course – £499 with private face book page and daily coaching support with Robyn. Additionally there is the option for once a week group conference calls.

If you have sugar or food addiction and need coaching support, clear and direct feedback and tools to overcome whatever it is that sabotages your success, this course is especially designed for you.  Being part of a group that also shares these same struggles helps you see you are not alone and provides a safe and supportive environment to learn, grow and transform.  (This group is not exclusively for those with food /sugar addiction, however it is the perfect place for those with this as their primary focus).

This group is extremely empowering and creates life changing results.

Take The Course For Free:  Organize a private group of friends and family to take the course (minimum of 5 maximum 12) and take the course for FREE. Contact us for more details.

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P1030598 (1)Private One-On-One rawsomerobynrevised-5 Coaching Course With Robyn -£999

The Private Food Addiciton and Wellness Coaching Course is perfect for the person who is truly ready to be set free from a lifetime of behaviors, patterns of thinking and choices that have led to weight, health and personal esteem issues.   Ideal for those who value concentrated and focused coaching,  one-on-one,  in a private and confidential atmosphere.  Daily access to internet and Skype calling are required.

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Why Choose Robyn As Your PURE Food Coach?

Robyn is passionate about helping others find food freedom and sensibility, to be able to live a vibrant, healthy life and be set free from the stress, fallout and consequences of food and sugar addiction.

No matter what your past experiences are, trying to overcome your relationship with food hurdles, or what has led you to be overweight, undernourished, less than healthy or well…It all comes down to beliefs and choice.  We make choices about our way forward.  Sometimes those choices are based in erroneous thinking or from a limited perspective.

Robyn’s extraordinary expert approach helps clients find freedom by discovering…READ MORE

 I got down to my wedding weight, but what is more exciting is how much easier I can move around pain free. Also I can think more clearly, my blood sugar issues are resolved and I have come off years of being on pills for acid reflux. All this in only 21 days!


Kath Dodd, Hawkshead, UK

I would definately encourage you to stretch the extra to take the course live and in real time having Robyn & Geoff coach you through…If you have been struggling with addictions, low self esteem, negative patterns & beliefs you just can’t seem to shake, Robyn’s approach to  personal coaching will encourage you to  observe behaviour in a non threatening manner and begin to see and understand the ‘why’ behind it. With that new understanding,  it will allow you to  form new possibilities and beliefs about yourself that will free you up to make new, healthier choices.

Robin Cooley, Santa Cruz, California


“This course is fun, interesting and a life transformer for anyone willing to commit to the 6 week programme. It is unique both in its design & content and Robyn & Geoff’s coaching methods are spot on, tweaked to the needs of each individual.
I would say to anyone reading this, having either committed to the course already or, contemplating doing so.. I doubt you will find anything to match what Robyn & Geoff are offering with the ‘PURE FAST & LISTEN’ programme. This can be life changing for anyone who is committed and ready for transformation.”

Wendy Bartlett, Lochcarron, Scotland, UK

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